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An innovative new product insulated flexible duct where the insulation is supported by closed cell foam ( polyethylene PE) density of 30 kg per m3 and 5 mm by eliminating dangerous and suspected CANCER fiberglass .
The white foam is placed inside the duct , after first placing a thin membrane blue color and fungicidal properties, while giving very smooth inner surface with excellent wind speeds , helping the facility for less energy .
 External airway placed either polyester metallized triplex or triplex aluminum or another material even with production in any color for obvious use.
The placement of foreign material is in such a way that between the two materials ( foam and outer material) with air gaps of the order of 5-8 mm which contribute greatly to the thermal insulation of the airway.
INSOFLEX 3000 gives us simultaneously and very good levels of sound absorption up to 2 db IN Ø 250 in position S and a length of 2 meters airway.
With the minimum exterior size, quick and clean installation, it is 100 % recyclable and eco and combustion gases are harmless for humans.
On the issue of fire safety is a Class B1 .
INSOFLEX3000 backed by certifications of class B1 from GSI, insulation from FLUTEC, pressure drop of FLUTEC, absorption by A.P.Thessalonikis .
INSOFLEX3000 bestowed with two diplomas OBI and patent application by the EUROPEAN PATENT Offic .
INSOFLEX3000 designed and developed since 2004 and to date have installed millions measures, and exported to Cyprus , Italy , Romania , Serbia , Bulgaria .
In research and technology institute in Thermi Thessaloniki , whole plant cooling - heating is by INSOFLEX 3000 where our products are controlled by dozens of sensors on a permanent basis, importantly, that the operation in
system , only 50 % of the energy from that originally provided the study with conventional flexible and the reason is that the pressure drop in INSOFLEX 3000 is minimal , allowing maximum energy saving.
NO therefore in -intensive and hazardous to human health conventional flexible .
EUROFLEX produce and evolve its products always guided by man and the environment.
     -Foam 5-10 mm thick depending on the construction
     -Step coil 45 mm
     -Category foam : B1
     -Operating temperatures : from -30 C to + 120 C.
     -Sound absorption : on DIN-4109 - 300-2500 mhz, avarage 60%
     -During the incineration of over 99 % produced CO2 ve H2O
     -Toxicity during combustion : no
     -Packing in carton: 10 meters
     -Diameters from 100 mm to 500 mm
     -Production capacity machine in diameter 1000 mm
     -Thermal conductivity 0.033 w / mk at 10 C and 0.038 w / mk
     at 40 C.