Pipe insulation.

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Insulating plumbing pipes.
We produce insulating tubes in each section, and for any application. Here we find two basic types of foam the RF and elastomers AC.
The type RF by a factor ( λ ) 0.035 at 10 degrees Celsius and rate ( μ ) > 3500 and elastomer type AC by a factor ( λ ) 0.030 at 10 degrees Celsius and the factor ( μ ) > 10000 . Guaranteed to direct sunlight for over 10 years.
Our materials are highly resistant to mechanical stress (not torn ) as well as being heat-sealable solders fast and permanent , very simply with hot air gun can make any application instantly .
Insulating pipes produced in pieces of both measures, but also in running meters . It is also possible to insulate plastic plumbing pipe in linear meters in all sections and any coated white or aluminum .
All insulating tubes produced and epikallypseis in white or UV coated aluminum purity 99.9 % for external use only .
Top quality and unique with more than 10 years warranty in external application , the AC combined with an external coating of aluminum purity 99.9 % for reflective insulation exceeds the guaranteed 20 years in outdoor applications and even online report
to solar radiation .
The products are MADE IN GREEK .