Insulation Tile Roof.

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Reflective insulation material of high standards.
Elastomeric foam insulating material coated with 99.9% pure aluminum foil embossing coating on the outside and adhesive glue on the inner side for application directly to the roof sheathing with simultaneous sealing.
The result of thermal insulation is spectacular, thermal insulation 85% with only 5 mm material thickness and 10 mm closer to 95% and 15 mm have the absolute insulation of the roof, achieving 100%.
The implementation of the reflective elastomer is very easy and quick, application of tile is good to be as in the picture and not directly onto the insulation.
This product is certified to class B1 fire of matter and to the material and glue. It has UV protection from sunlight and warranty for 30 years under the tile and 10 years to direct sunlight.
The Euroflex is the only company in the world to implement reflective insulation two or three levels, as shown in the pictures is great for energy saving applications.
1) Insulation of two levels: it consists of two insulating materials in combination with three reflective barriers. 
2) Insulation of three levels: it consists of three insulating materials in conjunction with five reflective barriers.
The products are MADE IN GREEK.
-Type of Material : AC elastomeric closed cell
-Colour : anthracite .
-Density : 30 kg per cubic meter.
-Structure of cells: very well closed .
-Thermal conductivity : to DIN 52612/52613 0.030 W / mk 10C, 0.036 W / mk 40C. These  measurements U is certified at 13 kilometer thick material .
-Index ygrantistasis : in DIN52615> 10.000
-Operating Temperature : - 80 C to + 95 C.
-Protection UV: at ISO 4892-2xenon-arc> 10 years.
-Use : outdoor .
-Resistance to pressure : at ISO 844/DIN53577
       force 10% 0.035-0.045 N/mm2
       force 20% 0.045-0.055 N/mm2
       force 50% 0.060-0.080 N/mm2
-Reset : to ISO 844/DIN53577
 direct at 90 to 95 % and after 1 hour from 98 to 100 %
-Chemical resistance: excellent
Available in rolls with 1 meter width and length in order depending on the thickness .