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Insoflex 3000 series

  • Exterior material triplex polyester 3 layers 50 micron thick
  • Internal insulation of closed cells polyethylene foam 5mm thick
  • Operating temperatures from – 30 οC to + 120 οC
  • Air speed 40 m/sec
  • Maximum pressure 3000 Pcal
  • 45mm coil step
  • Ecological, odorless and non-toxic
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Product description

Insulated flexible air duct in dimensions of insulated with excellent air speed, minimal pressure drop, heat-insulated with sound-absorbing and anti-fungal properties

Dimensions: ø100 ø125 ø150 ø180 ø200 ø220 ø250 ø300 ø350 ø400 ø500

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Additional information


Φ100, Φ125, Φ150, Φ180, Φ200, Φ220, Φ250, Φ300, Φ350, Φ400