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Silicone rings

  • Silicone rings from clear silicone
  • Hardness 40 – 70 shore
  • Working temperature from – 50 οC to + 250 οC
  • Unlimited durability
  • Sealing property
  • Ecological, odorless with zero impact on the environment
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Product description

Silicone rings with application in chimneys for absolute sealing and unlimited durability.

They are available in various colors with the possibility of making your own design especially for your own mouths.

Cross sections ø80 ø100 ø120 ø130 ø 140 ø150 ø160 ø180 ø200 ø230 ø250 ø280 ø300 ø350 ø400 ø450 ø500 ø550 ø600 ø650

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